Taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.

  Conscious Creation Coaching

      Taking you from where you are, to where you want to be.      

What is Conscious Creation Coaching?

Most coaching is at some level a form of Creation Coaching, because all coaching is primarily about expanding a person's awareness.  If you train your consciousness on anything, whether it be a previously unacknowledged inner conflict, or new ways of viewing your environment, you shine a light within that cleanses, purifies and clarifies.  Conscious Creation Coaching is about reaching that clarity through new realizations that harmonize perfectly with who you are so you are able to manifest all of your "wants".  Whether you've embarked on deliberately creating your desires in the past or not, I'm able to assist all skill levels into seeing new ways of creating their life in exact ways. 

What can Conscious Creation Coaching change about my life?

The possibilities are endless.  Through personal empowerment, my clients have changed their finances, careers and relationships.  I’ve seen many of them completely overcome phobias and anxieties.  Stress levels are reduced, motivation and creativity are increased, self-confidence sores, undesirable habits are broken, passions are unleashed and overall happiness begins to resonate within the whole of the person. 

How does coaching work?

I show you how to develop new patterns in your life based on your thought processes and the way you view yourself and the world.  It is a combination of welding together the mind, body and spirit, with the main focus being on the power of the mind and how magnificently it affects everyday living. The way you think, perceive and internalize (the way you feel) always determines how your life will play out.  It affects everything from the types of relationships we have, to our income level, moods, accomplishments, successes, failures, etc. 

What will I learn?

Surface issues are often a symptom of much deeper levels of change that need to be recognized before new learning can take place.  As your coach, I will help you recognize what needs amendment in the order of importance in which those alterations are desired. There is a de-conditioning of hindering beliefs that no longer match what you truly believe at a core level about yourself.  Together, we will discover and remove the negative, instilled habits that have blocked your happiness in the past, and harness and release those old child-like beliefs of the 'sky is the limit' so you may realize your full potential.  

Your awareness and acceptance of new patterns of thinking, and therefore a new life designed by you to the finest detail, is a very real possibility.  Once the outdated routine of old conditioning is broken, new conditioning in alignment with what a person truly wants can happen.  We can then clearly define what it is that you want to accomplish and create a dynamic plan of action to help you achieve your objectives.  

How will my coaching sessions be different from someone else's?

Each person and their needs are vastly different, and it's my job to get to the heart of what those are. I produce the exact design that best suits my client's lifestyle and the changes they want to make by custom tailoring a program for them. Although creation follows a very distinct set of natural laws, each persons position to those laws will vary.  Through my experience and education, I'm able to easily determine what is best for each individual so we may work together to produce the most positive and rapid results. 

Is there any conflict with my religion and this form of coaching?

With Conscious Creation Coaching, there is no conflict with your religious beliefs; more-so, it is an expansion of your beliefs and truths that allow your soul the growth, knowledge, awareness and advancement that is needed to continue to move forward in life. Conscious Creation Coaching embraces and respects all religions and belief systems, and is based on the underlying common beliefs inherent within all religions that there is a Higher Power.

How do I attend my sessions?

This form of coaching can be accomplished via Skype, telephone (within the US), email or in person, and is proven to be highly effective using any of these methods. Most of my client’s prefer to have their coaching sessions over the phone, and find it to be a very non-evasive and low-pressure method. With each session, I provide the tools needed in order to continue progressing through the week until our next appointment.

What are some of the things that may happen during my coaching session?

In a typical session, you might experience training in the form of inquiry and discussion, visualizations, holistic-intuitive guidance, affirmations, written exercises, comprehension of natural laws and general motivation techniques.  The coaching of these tools is implemented in a very specified way and assists in identifying underlying beliefs, feelings, and behaviors that may be getting in the way of your best life; this process uncovers your natural design that opens up abundance in all forms.